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‘Dem no born Zubby well to post jnr pope, He knows why He is running.’ — Angela Okorie

Nigerian movie actress Angela Okorie has criticized Zubby Michael for not publicly mourning their late colleague, Junior Pope Odonwodo. Following a wave of criticism directed at Zubby Michael for his apparent silence on Junior Pope’s passing, Angela Okorie spoke out against him.

Angela Okorie, source; Google.

She asserted that Zubby must not mourn Junior Pope, as he is currently at odds with everyone in the industry. Angela highlighted the strained relationship between Zubby and Junior Pope, stating that their feud is well-known within Nollywood circles.

Additionally, Angela Okorie emphasized Zubby Michael’s ongoing conflicts with others in the industry, including Junior Pope, as he strives to establish himself as the top actor in Nollywood.

Despite Junior Pope’s seniority, Angela suggested that Zubby’s ambition to dominate the industry has fueled tension between them. Junior Pope’s death on Wednesday night, April 10, further heightened the tensions within the industry.



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