Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Despite already having large lips, I aspire to further enhance their size in the future.

Vienna Würstel, a woman who has received 30ml lip fillers, faces criticism from online trolls regarding her appearance. She has developed a reliance on plastic surgery, particularly lip fillers, in pursuit of her desired aesthetic.

In a recent video, she candidly shared her challenges with eating certain foods that are typical for humans due to the impact of her enhanced lips.

She added in her video: It can be quite difficult, but drinking is [harder] than that.” She then demonstrated how she dribbles when she drinks.

“I’m so disabled because of my lips but I have these lips and I had to adapt to the changing world I have. I’m getting better with every practice.”

During a Q&A session, she made it known she had 3cc {3ml} fillers before undergoing 7cc{7ml}

“Last time I had 3CC [3ml], the one before I had 7CC [7ml], the time before that, I had 7CC [7ml]. I think there is around 30CC [30ml] currently still in my lips and I hope I can have more in the future.”

Wath the Video below;

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