Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

”devil sold this lie through me” – Pepenazi Opens Up About Struggles with Alcohol and Illicit Substances Abuse

Former Nigerian Singer Pepenazi, Now a Pastor, Shares Testimony of Deliverance from Alcohol and Drug Use

Opeyemi Gbenga Kayode, popularly known as Pepenazi, has revealed his journey of deliverance from smoking, drinking, and using illegal drugs, attributing his transformation to God.

The singer-turned-pastor shared that he was introduced to alcohol and illicit substances during his time in the secular music industry.

Contrary to the common belief that alcohol and drugs enhance creativity, Pepenazi emphasized that this notion is incorrect.

Speaking in a video message posted on his Instagram page, Pepenazi said:

“God delivered me from alcohol, illicit drugs and smoking. There’s a lie that the devil sells, for those who know, I had a career in the secular music industry for about a decade.

“And even before I became a professional artist, while I was still in the university, there’s this lie that the devil sells to you that before you can feel really better while you’re recording and even while you’re engaging with the opposite sex, the best way is to get high.

“And the devil sold this lie through me. That was how I started drinking alcohol and engaging in things that did not glorify the name of God.”

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