Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Direct your attention towards personal growth and set aside thoughts of marriage,” advises an online counselor to individuals in their twenties.

A Ghanaian online counselor offers straightforward guidance to individuals in their twenties, encouraging them to prioritize self-improvement over marriage.  

Posting the video on her TikTok account, @untoldchronicleswithgene, where she boasts a sizable audience, she emphasizes that people in their twenties shouldn’t fret about marriage and parenthood, as they have their thirties for such matters.

The counselor advocates that one’s twenties are the prime time for wealth accumulation, self-discovery, dating, and gathering life experiences. 

She contends that by accumulating such experiences and fully embracing life, navigating one’s thirties becomes considerably smoother.

Here are some reactions to her video

@onlygh3 commended: “This is the best advice I have ever come across thank madam”

@acheampongmaa20 noted: “you are matured..let me follow you? my mom always tells her biggest mistake was that she married early(24 years)”

@Star-G stated: “20s or 30s person go still marry the wrong person….in my opinion age is not maturity. marry when you are ready physically,mentally, financially…”

@Evaluv7 added: “i wanted to marry at 24 when i just graduated from uni…but my elder bro i decided to learn a tech skill..omo i dont regret it im 28 now.”

@THE COUNSELOR wrote: “y’all saying this avoid that. if you’re in a good relationship and you two are intentional about yourself. Build together, nothing dey street.”

Watch the video here

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