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‘Don’t blame Tinubu for current hardship’ — Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu

Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu stated that President Bola Tinubu cannot be held responsible for the current economic challenges in Nigeria. Kalu made these remarks on Sunday while hosting orphans, widows, persons with disabilities, and the elderly at his home in Abia State to mark his 53rd birthday.

Addressing reporters’ questions, the Deputy Speaker emphasized Tinubu’s diligent efforts to address the mistakes of past administrations, which have contributed to the present economic difficulties.

Kalu asserted, “The hardships we are facing today were not caused by this individual. They are the cumulative result of past administrations’ mismanagement of affairs.”

He continued, urging continued support and encouragement for Tinubu’s efforts to institute reforms aimed at fostering sustainable livelihoods and cleaning up governance.

Kalu expressed optimism about the nation’s future despite current challenges, encouraging Nigerians to maintain faith in the current leadership rather than losing hope.

He criticized the practice of hoarding wealth or indulging in luxury while others suffer, describing it as an act of cruelty. Kalu questioned the logic of withholding resources when there is widespread hunger and emphasized the importance of extending assistance to those in need regardless of political affiliations.

In conclusion, he advocated for the promotion of love, peace, and unity, emphasizing the significance of reaching out to others regardless of their background or political beliefs.



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