Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Don’t marry a man who cannot call out and rebuke his parents” – Solomon Buchi Advices women

Solomon Buchi, a well-known life coach, has issued a caution to women regarding marrying men who are hesitant to stand up to their parents when circumstances demand it.

Speaking on the X platform, Solomon Buchi argued that men are inherently protective, not just due to their physical strength, but also because of their capacity to be resolute, assertive, and unyielding, even towards their own families.

He emphasized the importance of finding a man who not only shields a woman from external threats but also demonstrates the courage to shield her from any potential harm or mistreatment from his own family, should the need arise.

His words:

“Don’t marry a man who cannot call out and rebuke his parents. The protective nature of men isn’t just in bigger toned muscles but in their ability to be firm, stubborn and bold even to their family. It’s easy to find a man who can protect you from outsiders; please find a man who won’t be scared to protect you from his family if need be. Men ought to be men.”South African woman laments


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