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Doyin advises women considering marriage to ensure they have their own financial independence

Doyin David has cautioned women against entering marriage without financial independence, stressing the importance of not relying solely on a husband’s support.

Her advice came in response to Linda Ikeji’s recent statement about her preference for wealth achieved independently, without relying on men for financial assistance.

A photo of BBnaija star Doyin David. Source Instagram.

Doyin David expressed her agreement with Linda Ikeji’s stance on financial independence for women.

She emphasized that women should focus on achieving independence before considering love, marriage, or children. Doyin wrote:

“The biggest mistake you can make as a young lady is depending completely on a man. Attaining independence should be the first thing on your mind… before love, marriage, or kids. MONEY FIRST!

If you don’t have your own money, a reasonable amount of money saved up, you’re NOT ready for marriage and most definitely NOT ready to have kids. You need your own money!

Even when you have your money, after marriage just have one child first and watch what type of father he is before you start giving birth like a chicken.

Only have the number of kids you know you can afford to cater for on your own. Life happens!

Don’t ever believe that lie of divorce is not an option because it is! We don’t pray for it but life happens.

There is no better backup plan than having your own money! Not your husband’s money, YOUR OWN MONEY!”

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