Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

Drummer Kunle Ayanlowo voices concerns about his safety, alleging that Wasiu Ayinde is threatening his life and fears a fate similar to Mohbad’s.

Drummer Kunle Ayanlowo, claiming a 32-year tenure with K1 De Ultimate, has released a new video alleging threats to his life by his former employer. 

In the footage, he appeals to Nigerians for support, citing harassment and intimidation from individuals allegedly sent by K1 De Ultimate. 

This follows Ayanlowo’s recent revelation in an interview about mistreatment within the organization. 

He recounts a distressing incident where he claims he was denied urgent medical attention while being transported to the hospital by K1.

Addressing the allegations, K1 De Ultimate finally speaks out, asserting that Kunle Ayanlowo, who served with him for 32 years, lacked seriousness. 

In a diss track, K1 accuses Ayanlowo of prioritizing money and happiness, resulting in his current situation after decades of service. K1 emphasizes his pivotal role in creating the band, highlighting his authority to hire and dismiss members. 

He mentions Ayanlowo’s previous departures and returns, suggesting they reflect positively on his character. 

Meanwhile, Ayanlowo, in a recent video, appeals for help, claiming he has been assaulted twice by associates of K1 De Ultimate, leading to damage to his phone.

Expressing his distress, the drummer reveals his inability to rest peacefully, stating that K1 De Ultimate should be held accountable if any harm comes to him, his wife, or children. 

He emphasizes his plea for assistance from Nigerians, detailing recent attacks and destruction of his phone. Fearful for his safety, he implores others to intervene, highlighting his desire to avoid a fate similar to Mohbad’s. 

Urgently seeking help, he emphasizes that if any harm befalls him, K1 De Ultimate is responsible.

Watch the video below;

@gbemsynuga: He’s should write a petition to the police immediately and bring copies online.

@jesuspikincomedian:  People no go take the man serious until something now happen they would now start saying justicefor.

@toyahszn:  The man dey cry now o! Make una no do am like una do mohbad o.

@igbayilolameedeherself: I know he will definitely come for this man cos he knows everything the man said was the truth and nothing more. God will protect you Man.

@deejaykukilion:  I THINK THAT MAN CALLED WASIU IS DOING TOO MUCH. when oppressor is doing too much resistance will work.

@ultradalyrica: He they talk now ooo na later people go come they talk justice for kini kan.

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