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Duncan Mighty stated, “I played drums for Christ Embassy in Port Harcourt and was also involved in the Niger Delta crisis.”

Duncan Mighty, the Nigerian singer, has shared his journey from his humble beginnings in Port Harcourt, including his involvement in the Niger Delta crisis and his upbringing as a multi-instrumentalist. 

He revealed that he believes God intervened to save his life during his time entangled in the Niger Delta crisis.

He stated that he hails from Port Harcourt, located in southern Nigeria, where he was raised. 

Among his community duties, he was tasked with safeguarding their people and oil reserves. As he ascended to fame, Duncan Mighty disclosed his upbringing as a multi-instrumentalist and his role in training numerous choirs. 

Additionally, he mentioned serving as the inaugural drummer for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy in Port Harcourt, the first branch established.

Check out some netizens reactions below:
BIG 7 RECORDS said: “We come from of the worst places in the world and when they make it out you see folks on the Internet coming to tell you, how to live your life”

WEB of Akure stated: “Man is a walking legacy! A legend in my book 💯”

REAL MAVERICK noted: “Hate him or like him, @OyakilomeChris has empowered more youth qualitatively than any clergyman I know of in Nigeria”

Mirage wrote: “Nigga you’re an Igbo boy stop this brainwashing thing your government is reaping off you”




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