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Ekiti Varsity Student  Bullies and floggs Female colleague profusely, Says ‘she must draw blood from her’ (See Video)

A disturbing incident unfolded in Ekiti State, where a female undergraduate student was filmed subjecting a fellow student to severe corporal punishment. The incident occurred at Bamidele Olumilua University of Education, Science, and Technology, Ikere, where both students are enrolled.

In the viral video, the victim’s appeals for the bully to stop went unheeded, as the aggressor insisted on causing harm, even stating, “Let me draw blood from you easily or hardly.” The bully further asserted that nobody could prevent her from inflicting harm on the victim.

The incident reportedly took place on Sunday and quickly gained traction on social media platforms. The witness who recorded the video claimed it occurred on the university’s campus. The victim was identified as Ajayi Precious Gloria, while the perpetrator was described as a “very popular” Mass Communication student, indicating a prior relationship between the two.

Although the motive behind the attack remains unclear, bystanders observed the assault without intervening. This incident echoes a similar one in April, where a video surfaced showing a female student being bullied by peers, sparking widespread outrage and calls for justice.



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