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Elozonam and Diane ‘Caught In The Act!’

We might have just witnessed the beginning of a beautiful love story…or at least a steamy on-screen collaboration.

A photo circulating online shows Elozonam and Diane, our favorite Big Brother Naija besties, looking suspiciously close in a supermarket.  Maybe “just friends” kind of closeness.

Elozonam and Diane

Now, is this a sign that the “Dialo” ship is finally setting sail?  Or are they just method actors getting deep into character for a new project?  The suspense is killing us.

Social media is already buzzing with theories.

Whether it is love or work, one thing is for sure, the chemistry between Elozonam and Diane is undeniable.  We will be keeping our eyes peeled for any further developments. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments.  Is a new love story about to begin?



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