Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

Enioluwa speaks out following controversy surrounding the leaked adult tape.

Despite false accusations circulating on social media about an adult tape, influencer Enioluwa seems unfazed. Earlier today, Enioluwa gained attention for the wrong reasons, as a photo allegedly depicting him in a compromising situation with another man surfaced on X (formerly known as Twitter) via a ghost blogger’s Telegram page.

The situation unfolded when a black adult film actor, who bore a striking resemblance to Enioluwa, was seen in bed with another man in the leaked video. The footage showed one individual lying face down while the other engaged in intimate acts from behind.

The angle of the shot led many online to speculate that the person in the video was Enioluwa, sparking widespread controversy. However, the adult film actor known as Bricks later clarified that he was the individual featured in the tape, not Enioluwa, putting an end to the confusion.

Despite the ordeal, Enioluwa appeared unperturbed by the matter. He took to his Instagram page, boasting millions of followers, to share his usual content related to food. In the video, the self-proclaimed foodie was seen enjoying multiple wraps of Fufu alongside a bowl of soup, ensuring he finished everything before the clip concluded.

Captioning the clip, he wrote:

“Do you really finish all that food?

Me: don’t invite me to your house sha.”

Check out the post below:

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