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“failed comedian said I had nothing to offer, pray that I don’t meet you outside.” – Phyna threatens DeeOne

osephina Ijeoma Otabor, also known as Phyna, winner of BBNaija’s ‘Level Up’ season, recently responded to criticism from senior colleague and comedian DeeOne. Phyna expressed her readiness to physically confront DeeOne after he criticized her for calling out the reality show organizers over an incomplete prize.

Phyna, source; Google.

Phyna, who emerged as the victor of Season 7 of the reality show, has been vocal about her grievances regarding the organizers and sponsors over incomplete prizes.

In a recent interview with Uriel Oputa, DeeOne ridiculed Phyna, pointing out that despite her claims of turning down N5 million for a one-night stand, she was still complaining about an incomplete prize. Additionally, DeeOne suggested that Phyna was financially unstable due to her perceived lack of contribution to her career.

In response, Phyna posted a video message on social media, refuting DeeOne’s claims and asserting that she is thriving in her career. She highlighted her recent achievement of producing a film as evidence of her success.

She said:

“I came across a video where DeeOne was given an opportunity to be with Uriel in her show, and then this failed comedian opened his mouth and said I, Phyna, had nothing to offer.

“Is my movie a joke to you? I work my *ss out every day, and I’m not lazy. I’ve my own movie, which I produced, already on the way. Deeone pray that I don’t meet you outside.”



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