Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Fans celebrate Regina Daniels as she posts a new photo with her husband, Ned Nwoko, after his interview, dubbing her “Virgin Maria, the first virgin in Nigeria.”

Nollywood star, Regina Daniels, is receiving increased attention after her husband, Ned Nwoko, discussed their marriage in a recent interview. 

According to Hitgist’s report on Friday, Nwoko caused a stir online by stating his preference for marrying a virgin and emphasizing that he disregards others’ opinions about his choice of partner.

According to him, he has a taste as he reaffirmed that he can’t marry a non-virgin. He further added that one must be a man of vision to know to be able to sight a good woman.

Following his interview, Regina took to her Instagram page to share new photos with her

As expected, the comment section was inundated with netizens praising her for marrying as a virgin.

One user, Sweezy1, exclaimed, “She’s my virgin.”

Another commenter, Big Creamyy, chimed in with “Virgin Maria.”

Sugar Destiny Official lauded her decision, saying, “She’s the only virgin girl who made the right choice for herself.”

Ice Queen remarked, “Beauty and the beast.”

Jobella reminisced about their teenage days, recalling her as a humble virgin.

Herzihalevi declared, “She’s the first virgin in Nigeria.”

However, Daniel Lisa disputed the claims, stating, “She wasn’t a virgin, y’all. Listen to the man again.”

Zee Bliss commented, “The wife who’s a virgin and her husband.”

Glorious Official praised, “She was a virgin chosen by the gods. The gods are wise.”

And Sugar Destiny Official reiterated, “Papa Razu with his virgin wife.”

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