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“Forgive me, and I will devote myself to serving your God,” pleads the man who defamed Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo.

A Facebook user named ‘Agozi Commedy’ has issued a public apology to renowned Nigerian gospel singers Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo, following allegations of defamation of character.

”I am very sorry and all I ask is your forgiveness please sir/ma” He shares via his facebook page.

Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo had taken legal action against individuals spreading rumors alleging that Mercy and her husband, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa’s son, Charis, was fathered by Nathaniel Bassey.

In response to the petition, Agozi publicly apologized for his statement. He expressed his willingness to publicly retract his words, stating that those who influenced him to tarnish the singers’ reputations were also involved in encouraging controversial statements by social commentator Verydarkman, which resulted in his nine-day detention by the police.

Agozi emphasized his dedication to serving their God and vowed to continue apologizing until he is forgiven.

Below is Agonzi’s apology message posted on his Facebook page:

“Apology message from Agozi commedy to Nathaniel Bassey -Official Mercy Chinwo. I’m very sorry for what have been said by me through a video circulating, I am very sorry. It is never an act to deliberately bring you down and your ministry. I was deceived by what people said online.

“I am very sorry and I am not apologizing just for me, but for everyone who was involved in this, please with due respect I am very sorry sir/ma. And everything that was said about you guys was false and not real. And I refuse to allow my pride to take over me. I am very sorry and all I ask is your forgiveness please sir/ma. Never will this happen again……. Nigeria celebrates bad than good. I am an imperfect human being but I am very sorry. I ask for your forgiveness, please. Thanks.”

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