Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“From DM to the altar” — Lady Recounts Love Story: Met Husband on Twitter, Married Two Years Later

ADENLE PRECIOUS, sharing her heartwarming tale on social media, revealed how she encountered the love of her life on Twitter, now known as X.

In June 2022, he initiated a conversation in her DMs, leading to an exchange of numbers and subsequent communication via WhatsApp call.

Their interaction on that fateful day marked the inception of their joyful journey together. Fast forward to March 23, 2024, and they stood hand in hand at the altar, exchanging vows as husband and wife.

Accompanying her story was a screenshot of their initial chat, accompanied by a declaration that she had found and married the love of her life.


Precious wrote …

“First dm ever Vs Yesterday ❤️🥰

I married the absolute love of my life yesterday and it was magical ❤️🥰

The vows >>>>”

Check out post below …

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