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Girlfriend raises the bar high as she flaunts the gifts she got for her boyfriend on his birthday

Intentional girlfriend raises the bar high as she shows off the thoughtful gifts she surprised her boyfriend with on his birthday.

The lady. @Martinakafula took to her Twitter page to reveal that she was planning something exceptional for her boyfriend whose birthday falls within the week.

Girlfriend boyfriend gifts boyfriend
Girlfriend. @MartinaKafula/Twitter.

“🥹its my mans birthday week and I am so so excited to show him what love looks like using Materials 😂🤭☺️❤️,” she had posted on Twitter.

She shared photos as the birthday finally came, showing the thoughtful gifts that she presented to her boyfriend on his 27th birthday.

The photos she shared showed that she got her boyfriend a complete set of car tires, tied together with a red ribbon to give it a nice look.

Girlfriend boyfriend gifts boyfriend

Sharing the photo, the girlfriend wrote …

“We did it !! We did it!! yaaeyyy!! ❤️❤️
Happy 27th Birthday to my Lover & Friend! 🥰❤️”

Reactions have followed …

@jacquekgobane remarked: “To think I got my gent a plaque with my face on it 😭”

@Joey_Mukando asked: “Do you have a sister?”

@OfficialBorbor commented: “I’ll wake every 4am,do the cooking and cleaning all through the month …prepare the kids for school and might as well renew our vows ..🌚”

@favourwritz penned: “This is a thoughtful and useful gift”

@Timmysofine stated: “This is very thoughtful and beautiful 🥺”

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