Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Habibat Jinad shares how Mide Martins influenced her decision to begin bleaching her skin.

Habibat Jinad, a Nigerian film actress, recounted a memorable encounter with her senior colleague, Mide Martins. 

Biola Bayo also revealed on Talk To B about an incident where she was insulted by Mide Martins because of her skin color while on a movie set. 

Additionally, she faced consequences for a mishap during the filming of Mide’s husband, Afeez Owo’s movie, where she was among those disciplined for her error.

Habibat Jinad, a Nigerian actress, shared a memorable incident involving her senior colleague Mide Martins during an interview on Biola Bayo’s talk show, Talk To B. 

She recounted an occasion on the set of a movie directed by Mide’s husband, Afeez Owo, where she was criticized for a mistake made by a colleague. 

According to Habibat, Mide Martins publicly criticized her skin color, comparing her face to that of a monkey. 

This hurtful remark deeply affected her to the point where she contemplated bleaching her skin, eventually deciding to do so in 2012.

The film actress said:

“At a rehearsal ground at Afeez Owo’s set, something happened, a colleague of mine did something and I wasn’t the one who did that thing and they said we should kneel. Mrs. Mide Martins was there, my boss was there and some other people and Mide Martins compared it to a monkey’s skin. And it got to me. She even complained about my skin, saying I was too dark and this made me contemplate bleaching my skin to please her and others”.

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