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HarrySong and Uche Maduagwu clash over alleged criticism of HarrySong’s song, ‘Maria’.

Nigerian singer and songwriter HarrySong has ignited a storm of controversy on social media following a clash with Uche Maduagwu. The altercation centers around Maduagwu’s alleged criticism of HarrySong’s latest track, “Maria.”

The dispute came to light in a newly released video that has quickly gained traction. The video showcases the heated exchange between the two personalities, drawing significant attention from their fans and followers.

The video, which has been making waves on X, formerly known as Twitter, has sparked a variety of reactions from social media users. Many are weighing in on the conflict, with opinions divided over the validity of Maduagwu’s critique and HarrySong’s response.

Photo of Nigerian singer Harrysong

In the viral video, HarrySong is seen holding onto Uche Maduagwu’s clothes and dragging him while repeatedly asking if he was mentally okay. This incident has sparked widespread attention and debate online.

The footage quickly gained traction, leading many viewers to question the authenticity of the encounter. The intense interaction between the two celebrities has prompted various reactions from the public.

As the video circulates, discussions continue about whether the confrontation was genuine or staged. The incident’s controversial nature has kept it at the forefront of social media conversations.

Watch the video below;

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