Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“He is always cheating with American women” – Davido’s alleged side chick, Anita Brown claims

Anita Brown, a popular American model and purported side chick of Nigerian singer Davido, recently stirred controversy on social media by making a shocking allegation against the singer. In a video posted on her Instagram page, Brown engaged with her followers, leading to a heated exchange with some Nigerians.

Many netizens commented on Brown’s appearance in the video, while others questioned what Davido saw in her to engage in a relationship with her.

In response to one of these inquiries, Brown made a provocative claim, alleging that Davido cheats with American women because he supposedly doesn’t love his own kind.

Brown’s statement sparked further debate and backlash from Nigerians on social media, with some criticizing her for making unfounded allegations against the singer. Others expressed disappointment and disapproval of her comments, emphasizing the importance of respecting individuals and avoiding baseless accusations.

The exchange between Brown and Nigerian social media users underscores the power and reach of social media platforms in facilitating public discourse and debates, even across international borders. However, it also highlights the potential for misunderstandings and conflicts to arise when sensitive topics are discussed without proper context or evidence.

See the exchanges below:

heavenly.caring said: “What kind of video is this kwanu?”

ninatheelite @heavenly.caring you too to be on social media all day. Take care of your family, do something productive so that u not playing in dirt all day. Go build a garden, oops i forgot you can’t, not enough fertile soil in Africa

adesswa_ said: “David onikure”

ninatheelite replied: “@adesewa_west Davido is always cheating with AMERICAN women he
clearly don’t like his own”

gaskia_youngwayne said: “Walai with what am seen here davido fit neck anty ramota bcus what’s all this na”

ninatheelitee replied: “@gaskia_youngwayne
DAVIDO Is always ch3ing with AMERICAN women he
clearly don’t like his own kind”

presh_nella said: “Davido really chop sh*t shaaa..„because wot is this”

ninatheelite replied: “@presh_nella this is clearly What he likes and loves. Since he been dealing with it since 2017! HUSH”

See the post below:

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