Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“Hell fire”- Enioluwa speaks Ghana dialect Twi as he compares their weather to Lagos

Reactions to Adeoluwa Prince Enioluwa’s video expressing discomfort with the hot weather in Ghana were mixed, with some finding humor in his exaggerated expressions and others praising his language skills.

“This Ghana is so hot. Everywhere is burning. It’s like hell fire. Ghana is very hot,” he said.

  1. Many viewers found humor in Enioluwa’s complaints about the weather, with some laughing out loud in the comments section. This suggests that they appreciated his humorous take on the situation and could relate to the experience of dealing with extreme heat.
  2. Ghanaians, in particular, praised Enioluwa for his proficiency in speaking the local dialect, Asante Twi. This indicates that they were impressed by his ability to communicate effectively in their language, despite being a Nigerian influencer.

Overall, the reactions to Enioluwa’s video highlight the diverse responses to his content, ranging from amusement to admiration for his linguistic skills.

His ability to connect with audiences across cultural boundaries demonstrates the power of social media in fostering cross-cultural interactions and appreciation.


Please pour water on me. Make me Sway. Make me Water. 💦 #Ghana

♬ original sound – 📍Eni

LO❤️Esaid: moses Bliss make mistake by taking him to Ghana he will expose all the secrets of Ghana

*Odoley Mira: You are in Accra and you are complaining come to Tamale and see Akorfasaid: ls it snowing in Nigeria

user50212542158: After eating our jollof why won’t you feel the heat

Rita Monachi : It’s burning not borning am starting to correct my siblings after learning Ghanaian English

*Fruitful @ 1: Am a Nigerian but Ghana is de best African country

Maa Abena : But sincerely speaking, Moses bliss has made the best decision ever by choosing real human being who can be feeding him with the best food ever.

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