Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“How becoming a father led to my unhappiness – Ayoola Ayoola.”

Nollywood actor Ayoola Ayoola shares his experience of battling depression following the birth of his child, revealing how it nearly drove him to suicide. He reflects on his journey and current perspective on the matter.

Discussing the depression following his transition into fatherhood, Ayoola Ayoola reflected, “At the time, I wasn’t ready to embrace fatherhood. I was grappling with finding my purpose and navigating life’s challenges. 

The weight of responsibility hit me hard – the realization that someone’s future depended on me, especially being the first child of a pastor. I felt like I had disappointed my family. 

Battling depression, I even contemplated suicide. It was a deeply challenging period for me.”

I was so consumed by the apparent challenges that I failed to recognize the blessing within it. My father posed a crucial question, asking how I intended to provide for the child. 

I found myself in disarray. I recollect spending five days secluded in my room, without eating or engaging in any activity. Then, unexpectedly, Victor Ademofe, a trumpeter, felt compelled to visit me. He traveled a long distance just to reach me, entered my room, and offered his comforting presence, asking what was troubling me. 

Tearfully, I struggled to articulate my feelings, but he understood intuitively and encouraged me to eat. Though I hesitated, I eventually followed his suggestion. 

Recovery wasn’t immediate; it was a gradual process. I also sought solace in the company of others, often visiting Samklef’s studio nearby. 

Yet, amidst my struggle, I found myself at a crossroads, contemplating ending it all. Standing in the middle of the road, I deliberately misjudged the timing to be struck by a car. 

However, the fear of eternal damnation compelled me to step aside, and the car merely grazed me. Reflecting on those moments, I now gaze upon my son, realizing what I was on the verge of forfeiting, whose life I almost shattered. 

It serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of refraining from impulsive actions. That fleeting moment can hold the power to alter the course of one’s life.

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