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How Richmen keeps contacting me because of the women I use for my skits – Mr Macaroni

In a recent interview with Teju Babyface, popular actor and skitmaker Mr. Macaroni addressed the widespread belief that the curvy and voluptuous women featured in his skits are there to “show off their goods.”

Many people also suspect that influential men often request these actresses’ contact information through Mr.

Macaroni. Speaking candidly, Mr. Macaroni shared his thoughts on the matter, providing his honest perspective for the first time.

Photo of a Nigerian comedian, Mr Macaroni. Source Instagram

MR. MACARONI: Well, maybe because a good number of them also know my kind of person. So, I do very well to distinguish Daddy Wa the character, Mr. Macaroni the brand, and Debo Adedayo the performer. There are boundaries that I do not cross. Most people would not even bring such a conversation to me because they know that content creation is a completely different thing from who I am. You know there are some conversations or topics you will bring to me that I will immediately call out to you yourself. So I think in as much as we see a lot of the content, we see this, we see that, people also know my person. What I stand for, and what I try to preach. Even though also, sometimes it is misconstrued. But at the end of the day, you cannot help it. The beautiful thing is that when things like that happen, maybe once in a while, I use it as a teachable moment and opportunity to preach morals. Your money cannot buy all the women in the world. Even if it can buy some, it cannot buy all the women in the world. And it is a notion that we just have to try to correct. I’m not saying it will stop or people will stop doing it, but whatever we can do to push the message forward; to let people understand that there are better ways. I’ve done some other content where some guests come in and try to teach Daddy Wa that there are other ways: at least buy flowers, talk to a woman in a gentleman approach. So, that way too, you’re trying to let people see beyond that, and see if you’re even trying to go about it and you see a woman you like, why don’t you go about it like this, instead of ‘put your account number here?’

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