Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Hustle make your child no call another man daddy” – Onlyonekesh shades Lord Lamba

Prominent real estate developer Onlyonekesh has criticized skit maker Lord Lamba for sharing photos of his daughter shortly after his baby mama, Queen Mercy, announced her engagement to her fiancé, King David on February 29, 2024.

Lord Lamba’s decision to unveil pictures of their newborn daughter for the first time, along with displaying her national passport bearing the name Princess Keilah Kelvin Anagbogu, was seen as an attempt to establish paternity.

Expressing his disapproval, Onlyonekesh rebuked the content creator for his actions, emphasizing that success is not solely about financial gain but also requires exercising common sense.

Therefore, he gave everyone advice to work hard so they wouldn’t use their child’s passport to prove a point on Instagram.

The creative director also counseled men to hustle to prevent their child from calling another man their father.

His words: “Hustle make you no Dey post your child passport on Instagram to prove a point 😂 hustle make your child no call another man daddy 😂😂 Hustle is not about money, is about common sense, make that guy comot ADA Nnewi from his page 😂😂 pls add Nnewi south … Nnewi boys no deh behave like that don’t dent our men !! Comot here … Nnewi south no be Nnewi no whine yourself 😂😂”


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