Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“I am constantly underrated” – Blaqbonez reveals

Emeka “Blaqbonez” Akumefule, a well-known rapper, has remarked that he is constantly overrated because people cannot relate to his type of music because it is ‘brand new’.

The ‘Haba’ singer stated that most fans like to listen to Afrobeats tracks that lack depth, while those that enjoy his music choose to deviate from the usual.

He made this statement in response to a fan who commented, “Blaqbonez is so underrated, every project he drops is perfection. He offers some of the best Afrobeats I’ve ever heard.

”Blaqbonez tweeted; “I’m constantly underrated cos my shit is brand new, they never heard it before, its not what the doctor prescribed, they prefer those that use the exact same boring recipe everytime and thats why afrobeats sounds like ASS these days (yes i said it).

But i will never conform, the people that listen to me are the people that chose to break out of the norm to make their own choices, and I know they appreciate the sacrifice”

A Twitter user moved to the comments section to attack him for disparaging Afrobeats while presenting artists from the genre.

“Blaqbonez you don dey gba small small. You said Afrobeat is sounds like asss, for your own mouth? But you dey feature Afrobeat artists on your projects, and Afrobeat artists dey feature you too. Why didn’t you deny it?” the tweep wrote.

In a response, the hip-hop artist stated: “I’ve only added 2 songs on my rotation this year, and its been 3 months, most releases have been ass, I don’t even bother to play the top 100 again, cos that one is designed by farmers.”

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