Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“I brought down dollar with my power” – Odumeje

Renowned pastor Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere, also known as Odumeje, proudly asserts his unique ability to influence the value of the dollar using his power, Abido Shaker.

During a service at his church, Odumeje addressed his congregation, emphasizing his achievement in bringing down the dollar’s value through his spiritual powers.

He recounted how he had made a vow to utilize his power, Abido Shaker, to counteract the increasing value of the dollar compared to the naira.

According to the clergyman, he fulfilled his promise by effectively using Abido Shaker to lower the dollar’s value, a feat he claims no other pastor in Nigeria has accomplished.

Odumeje confidently stated his intention to further reduce the dollar’s value and expressed aspirations to ascend to the presidential seat in the future.


Check out reactions that followed …
nwaoke_ocha remarked: “E go shock Una say na only this man amongst all the pastors for naija go make heaven”

__tobe_ penned: “No pastor try that kind!!! Ride on pastor!! Next one na Dabush Kabash! That one fuel go drop to 30 Naira per liter 😤😤😤🤣”

nosakhare2024 wrote: “Nigerians expression when Dollar was $1450 one month ago: 😩😢😭😫

Nigerians expression when Dollar is $1450 Today: 😊☺️😌😗☺️

If you know you know 😂”

sasha_itota said: “This guy is making caricature of Christianity, he knows exactly what his doing, his just a clout chaser”

makanakiiil asked: “Hahaha… Our papa, why you no fit use gandugaganduza to correct your English???😂😂😂”

Watch video below …

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