Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“I can’t marry a woman who is not a virgin” – Ned Nwoko

Popular billionaire businessman and politician, Ned Nwoko reveals his taste in women, as he opens up on why he married Regina Daniels.

The Delta state politician opened up on this while speaking in a snippet of an interview that surfaced online.

He revealed that there are usually criteria that he looks out for in a woman that he is interested in.

regina daniels ned nwoko virgin marry
Ned noted that the woman has to be a virgin, as he cannot conceive marrying a woman who isn’t a virgin.

On his relationship with his wife, he revealed that he married Regina Daniels because she is from same blace as him.

Read some comments below:

gospeldavids said: “Is he still planing to marry more ? 😂” said: “Everyone must not be a virgin, meeting your partner as a virginity is actually a plus but it shouldn’t define character, there people with great values who aren’t virgins, people tend to live better as they grow”

sonita_the_virtuous_girl said: “I guess he’s planning to take another virgin wife😂😂 and the funniest thing after all the rituals that he used to perform on his wedding day the wives cannot divorce him 😫😂” said: “Virginity is dignity, but not only women who are allowed to be virgins, I mean, everyone makes mistake in one time of their lives, just focus more on when you met the person rather than been concerned about their pasts”

Watch him speak below:

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