Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

I had to re-inter my mother after the land where she was buried was sold, and I was thirteen years old when she passed away.

During a Danfo Diaries street interview with female DJ Brooke Bailey, Portable, CEO of Zeh Nation music label, opens up about a poignant chapter from his past: the passing of his mother. 

He recounts how she passed away when he was just thirteen, and how her burial plot was later sold, necessitating the exhumation and reburial of her remains on their property. 

Portable shares that her body remained remarkably intact, prompting religious ceremonies before her final resting place was established. 

In the interview footage, he expresses his intention to honor her memory by constructing a mansion and car garage on the land.

Reacting to this information were netizens who sympathized with his loss at an early age and struggling all on his own till he rose to stardom.

He was an inspiration to many unlucky in life. Most can now see the reason he had to be the strong and undaunting man that he is.

@african prince Big up Dr Zeh, keep building your community and inspiring the youth. Your legacy will outlive you and be known forever.

@bhayy_ Why u no go make am? It’s a must for u even looking after the dead.

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