Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“I only spend my money on men who invest in me” – Queeneth Agbor

In a recent interview with The Punch, upcoming Nollywood actress Queeneth Agbor shared her perspective on spending money in relationships. She emphasized that she believes in reciprocity and would only spend her money on a man who has invested in her.

While Queeneth clarified that she doesn’t have anything against women giving money to men, she highlighted her preference for mutual investment and consideration in a relationship.

Queeneth expressed her willingness to spend lavishly on a man who demonstrates love and consideration towards her. This stance reflects her belief in mutual respect and reciprocity in romantic relationships.

Her comments shed light on the evolving dynamics of gender roles and financial expectations within relationships, emphasizing the importance of mutual investment and consideration regardless of gender.

The actress said; “I don’t know about other women, but as for me, I can only spend money on a man that has invested in me and has impacted my life. In that case, spending on him means nothing. Outside of that, I cannot spend money on a man who has not invested in me.”

She explained her social media sex appeal, saying it’s a coping strategy she used after losing her younger sister.

“I know people think I flaunt my sex appeal on social media. After mourning my kid sister, I needed to channel the pain properly by flaunting my God-given endowments. I did not even know I was flaunting it before now. If having a natural body in these days of BBL is sex appeal, that means I am on the right track,” Queeneth said.

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