Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“I ordered fish soup, they brought shark” – A Muslim shares video of a rather daunting-looking fish soup that she ordered for iftar

A Nigerian Muslim lady ignited a lively discussion on social media by sharing a video of the rather intimidating-looking fish soup she ordered for iftar.

The caption accompanying the video read: “I ordered fish soup and rice for iftar, and they brought a shark in human form.”

In the video, the lady first revealed her face before showcasing the soup and the fish she had ordered online.

The footage displayed a yellow-tinted soup accompanied by a rather intimidating-looking fish, which she humorously described as resembling a shark.

In response to the video shared on social media, numerous individuals took to the comment section to share their thoughts and reactions.

See some reactions below:

Mho.tee: ‘The fish resemble my ex.”

BFXT ACADEMY: “you chop am abi u nor chop am ma’am?”

ꨄAMMYꨄ!🥷💕: “Shey na me Abi the shark de look me?”

NAIJA GENZ VENDOR: “How come you are calm ? Ok I agree I’m dramatic because.”

BABY~🦋🧿DC 💕: “As you dey use am play make ‘em come back to life.”

Morenikeji 2806: “Not me watching this & simultaneously watching sharkdoodoo with my daughter.”

🦋Sther🦋: “Na the fish wey swallow Jonah them deliver to you.”



My God😂💔 iftar gone wrong. My question is do they buy these type of fishes in the market?

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