Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“I prefer marrying witch to praying wife” – Daddy Freeze says, gives reasons

Daddy Freeze’s remarks regarding preferring a witch over a praying wife have stirred controversy and received significant backlash. Many have criticized his comments as disrespectful and insensitive towards women who prioritize prayer and spirituality in their lives.

Some have pointed out that his statements perpetuate harmful stereotypes and misconceptions about witchcraft, portraying it as more desirable or beneficial than religious devotion.

Others have questioned the sincerity of his beliefs and whether his remarks were made for shock value or to garner attention.

Critics have also highlighted the importance of mutual respect and understanding in a relationship, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, and have condemned Daddy Freeze’s apparent disregard for his ex-wife’s values and practices.

Overall, his comments have sparked a broader conversation about the role of religion, spirituality, and respect in relationships, as well as the need for sensitivity and empathy when discussing such topics.

In a video message posted recently on his Instagram page, Daddy Freeze stated:

“They said a woman who prays is a valuable asset. Not to me because I can pray for myself. I walk with God in such a way that I pray five minutes a day and I get everything I asked for. Because I am always hearing from God.

“So, I don’t need a praying wife. Instead of giving me a praying wife, give me a witch or a mermaid that will be useful in other areas. Leave that praying to me. I am a spirit. I don’t need a praying wife. Even my ex was never really a praying wife. If it’s prayer, she just started now. She was never a praying wife and it didn’t matter to me.”

This was in response to Israel DMW’s outcry over marrying a church worker, assuming everything would be well at home.

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