Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

I regret body-shaming BNXN – Ruger Revealed

Ruger, a well-known singer, has expressed regret over body shaming his colleague BNXN during a social media feud that occurred two years ago. The dispute between the two musicians initially stemmed from a disagreement over their respective albums, but it escalated into a heated exchange that resulted in hurtful comments being exchanged.

During the height of their online beef, Ruger crossed a line by body shaming BNXN, an action he now deeply regrets. The exchange took a wrong turn as personal insults were hurled back and forth, tarnishing their professional reputations and causing unnecessary division within the music industry.

Photo of BNXN & Ruger

Reflecting on the incident, Ruger acknowledges the harm caused by his words and expresses remorse for his actions. He recognizes the importance of promoting positivity and mutual respect, especially among colleagues in the music industry, where collaboration and support are crucial for collective growth and success.

Moving forward, Ruger aims to foster a more positive and supportive environment within the music community, learning from his past mistakes and striving to promote unity and understanding. By publicly acknowledging his regret and committing to positive change, Ruger sets an example for others to follow, emphasizing the importance of accountability and empathy in resolving conflicts and building stronger relationships within the industry.

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