Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“I was a fan of Mohbad, he was my fan too” – Bella Shmurda speaks on relationship with late singer

Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda recently opened up about his relationship with his late friend and colleague, Mohbad, during an interview on the UK’s “In My Opinion” podcast.

Bella Shmurda shared that he and Mohbad were fans of each other before they had the opportunity to meet in a studio. He described their initial connection as a mutual admiration, characterizing it as a “fan-fan thing.”

During their first meeting in the studio, Bella Shmurda revealed that they collaborated on a song titled “Adura.” Remarkably, they also filmed a music video for the track on the same day and released it promptly. The music video for “Adura” has since amassed approximately 2.7 million views on YouTube.

This revelation sheds light on the close bond and creative synergy between Bella Shmurda and Mohbad, highlighting their rapid collaboration and the success they achieved together in the music industry.

Check out netizens reactions…
OMO IYA SAMUUUU stated: “This is it, if u meet your own person trust me you don’t need vibe for days lol the chemistry works up together ASAP”

Zhee said: “Rest In peace Mohbad 🙏 . Bella will forever be my fav 😍”

NODAYSOFF wrote: “Clout chaser 😒 everyday he go Dey say moh untop song wey you wan release 🙄”

Bobby44 penned: “They must not forget that name, speak about him every time you get the opportunity to”


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