Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

I was supposed to be YBNL Princess, but Olamide signed Temmie Ovwasa – Rapper, Candy Bleakz

Nigerian rapper Candy Bleakz has revealed that she was in line to be signed by YBNL Nation instead of singer Temmie Ovwasa. During a recent episode of the Hip TV show “Trending,” hosted by Big Brother Naija star Kim Oprah, Candy expressed her astonishment when Olamide, the label head, introduced Temmie as the new signee back in 2015, a move that led her to believe she was going to be the “YBNL Princess.”

Despite her expectations, Candy Bleakz mentioned that she and Temmie Ovwasa were close friends, making the revelation even more of a surprise. She shared her feelings of disappointment upon learning that Olamide had chosen to sign Temmie over her. Temmie Ovwasa, on the other hand, has since departed from YBNL Nation, citing exploitation among other issues for her exit.

The rapper stated,

“The day Baddo (Olamide) unveiled Temmie Ovwasa, she is my friend, but I was really sad. I was supposed to be the “YBNL Princess.” I was like, ‘Why did they sign someone else?’”

Candy also spoke about the difficulties of being a female artist in Nigeria, saying, “For a female artist, being lovely is a problem, and being ugly is a problem.

Candy also discussed the difficulties of being a female artist in Nigeria, saying, “For a female artist, when you’re pretty it’s a problem, when you’re ugly it’s a problem.

When you’re too sexy it’s an issue and when you are not it’s an issue. Because I’m bringing something to the table but you will see comments like, ‘She’s not fine. She’s not dressing sexy. And at the same time, when she is fine they would want her to bring something to the table”.

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