Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

If I Was A Man, I Would Date a Plus Sized Woman — Instagram Influencer, Big Baby

Instagram influencer Big Baby has shared her perspective on why dating plus-sized women can be enjoyable. Speaking on an episode of the rated_18 podcast alongside fellow host Kinkchic, she expressed her preference for plus-sized women if she were to be reincarnated as a man.

Big Baby highlighted that as a man, her ideal girlfriend criteria would include ample proportions of both boobs and buttocks. She emphasized that the softness of a plus-sized woman’s body provides a comforting and pleasurable experience for a man.

According to her, being with a plus-sized woman offers a sense of relaxation and comfort that is not easily found with slimmer women, who may lack the same level of softness and ease. Kinkchic, her podcast co-host, agreed with her sentiments during the discussion.

Here are some reactions to her video

@Im_GoingNorth wrote: “Taking self deception to a whole new level”

@AGINAS asked: “Which be plus size again?
Madam, you are fat, stop rebranding fat as ‘plus size’ and work on yourself.”

@Gbemmy_Okito opined: “they are not for the long term if not they will be the one getting married to but the guy would rather have her as a side chick (short term) .. but she feels she is more important for been the side Lmao”

@Gold_diigger commented: “Two fools, calling slim girls ‘panla’ when there are a lot of unpleasant things that can be said about her physical appearance.”

@Ikemefuna01 stated: “Una wae dae lazy for bed. Nahhhhh”

@dees_laundry added: “I have no issue with y’all’s sizes but can you walk through a flight of stairs, without shortness of breath?
I mean who doesn’t love a thique woman but an obese woman 😳 throw her in the dump.
Una go just buy small mic n camera begin yarn rubbish🙄”

Watch video here

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