Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“I’m not a clout chaser like you” – Nasty Blaq reacts to VeryDarkMan over skit with Lord Lamba’s baby mama, Queen

Nigerian skit artist Nasty Blaq has responded to criticism from social media critic Verydarkblackman regarding a skit he did with BBNaija’s Queen Mercy Atang.

In a video posted by Verydarkblackman, he criticized Nasty Blaq and Queen Mercy Atang for seemingly mocking Lord Lamba in their skit. He suggested that Queen’s partner was making a mistake by marrying her.

Responding to Verydarkblackman’s video, Nasty Blaq stated that he was not seeking attention or clout. He acknowledged that he and Verydarkblackman were not on the same level and expressed no interest in engaging in a war of words.

Nasty Blaq also addressed Verydarkblackman’s recent visit to London, mentioning that he himself has not been feeling well. He reassured his fans that he does not engage in the behavior that Verydarkblackman accused him of.

Regarding the skit in question, Nasty Blaq clarified that it was an old one that he decided to upload at that moment due to his health condition. He emphasized that his actions were not meant to offend anyone.


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