Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Isaac Fayose criticizes those who condemn INEC, labeling them as ‘male’, while Bobrisky wins the ‘best dressed female’ award.

Isaac Fayose, sibling to a former Ekiti state governor, has rebuked Nigerians who accuse INEC of election rigging yet applaud Bobrisky, a male, for winning a female-exclusive award. 

This response follows a post titled: “Isaac Fayose’s reaction to Bobrisky winning the best-dressed award.”

Following the announcement of Bobrisky winning the best-dressed award in the female category, despite being biologically male, there has been significant online backlash against him.

Isaac Fayose has now joined those criticizing him for winning an award meant for females, stating: “If INEC were accused of rigging an election, many of you would condemn them. But now, a man wins ‘best dressed female,’ and you all applaud. We’re all like INEC.”

He added, “If you were given an election to organize, you’d arrange it. The organizers of the show took money. They’ve forgotten that Bobrisky is a man.”

In response to his statement, concerned individuals flooded the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Adegunle Adeyemi: “no…the actual reason behind this is to push the movie out…so they knw we will all talk about bobrisky.”

Iyke Eze: “because APC government is not doing well if not why not arrest the organizer nd bobrisky from there straight to prison. becus APC too no dey clear.”

J Wala: “I done dey love this guy but sometimes very controversial him brother done dey confess the way they Rigg Obi.”

D money 007: “So you are indirectly telling us that inec rigged our last election? Hmmmm.”

Chukwu: “supporting man, come be problem again……una don finish this country.”

Ebuka Ogbonna500: “This is a shame na man dey win best female dresser, so where are all the female’s in Nigeria.”

Ogwuche Dave: “But wait ooo just 🙄🙄imagine u get issues with Bob una wan start fight u con remember dem no Dey beat woman 👩 🤣🤣🤣 watin go sup for there.”


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