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Islamic cleric sets wife’s house ablaze because of disagreement in Ekiti

Ahmed Ojo, an Islamic cleric based in Ekiti, has been taken into custody for allegedly burning down his wife’s home in the Egbe Odo area of Isua Ijesa, Ekiti State, following her refusal to join him in a late-night prayer session.

The incident, as reported by Punch, occurred on April 27 when Ojo, after returning home, proposed that they pray together at around 11 pm. His wife, Bosede Afolabi, declined the request, citing exhaustion, which reportedly infuriated her husband and led to a commotion. Afolabi sought help from neighbors to pacify him.

Despite explaining her fatigue from a long day at work, Ojo was unyielding. Anticipating further aggression, Afolabi spent the night at a neighboring house for safety.

Later that night, she was alerted by a local girl that her house was ablaze, presumably set on fire by her husband. By the time she and neighbors arrived to extinguish the fire, the residence was already destroyed.

Afolabi, who had remarried Ojo following her first husband’s death and accommodated him since, mentioned that there had been no prior disagreements leading up to the incident. She attributed his actions to alcohol influence, noting he occasionally came home intoxicated. The fire has left her devastated and seeking assistance from the public.

Ojo has been arrested and is currently being investigated, confirmed Sunday Abutu, the state’s Police Public Relations Officer.



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