Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Jollof rice is for children; Eba is superior to Amala” – Wale Shares Controversial Opinions on Nigerian Cuisine

American rapper Wale has weighed in on Nigerian cuisine, expressing his preferences and opinions on various dishes.

On his X page, Wale asserted that he rates Eba over Amala and declared that Jollof rice is more suited for children, as he believes rice and stew are superior.

Furthermore, he declared Eba as superior to Amala and speculated that Jollof spaghetti is gaining immense popularity.

Wale also stated that yam and egg is the most underrated Nigerian delicacy according to him.

His words:

“🇳🇬 Hot takes. (Please don’t jump me). Jollof rice is for children. Rice and stew is where it’s at. Eba is superior to amala. Idk when jollof spaghetti came out but it’s goin platinum ever since its arrival. Ayamase with out egg is a crime. Yam and Egg the most underrated naij delicacy. I swear. (Small small sugar on the yam)”

Check out some netizens reactions that followed…

DeeDee warned: “Eba is the worst food to ever exist & don’t disrespect jollof rice again.”

ILERI remarked: “Pounded yam and oha soup is the goat of swallow + soup combo”

Chukwuyem Eledan stated: “Yam and egg finally getting the PR it deserves. i prayed for days like this”


Wale shares hot takes on Nigerian dishes

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