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Kanayo O. Kanayo suggests that a child should give their first salary to their father as a token of appreciation for his blessings.

Contrary to giving pastors their first salary, Kanayo O. Kanayo says a son’s first salary should go to the father for his blessings in line with culture.

The actor shared this opinion while using his own son as a live example to back up his statement.

Recall that only a few days back, the actor shared that his son, Clinton Onyeze had come on set to join him as an intern worker.

They completed the movie and his son was paid N50k which Kanayo collected N500 from and prayed over the money and his son.

Although, he revealed that the money the parent might collect from the son can vary based on different individuals.

The veteran actor believes that this is the more proper way to do things, especially in the Igbo culture.

He also believes that it is important for the father to know the exact amount the child is earning so he can teach him financial management.

In his opinion, the father is a more important authority figure than the pastor to his child.

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