Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“Kelly Hassino explains why Verydarkman’s release might be delayed.”

Media figure Kelly Hassino provides an update on the recent arrest of the estranged critic, Verydarkman, outlining reasons for his continued detention and advising against anticipating his release anytime soon, despite reports of bail being granted.

Kelly Hassino disclosed on Facebook that the political influence involved in the critic’s case exceeds initial expectations. 

Furthermore, he emphasized that attempts by other celebrities to advocate for the critic’s release, regardless of their influence, will be futile due to the powerful forces at play in the critic’s situation.

There are rumors circulating about the potential release of Verydarkman from prison, but I can confirm with authority that he remains incarcerated. I have access to information regarding his case, and it suggests that his release might not happen soon due to formidable forces opposing him.

Despite meeting the conditions for his bail and receiving support from influential celebrities, the political landscape dictates that some powerful individuals hold sway over his fate, individuals who operate behind the scenes and may not be widely known.

Verydarkman resides in close proximity to my own residence, and I’ve become acquainted with his modest living situation where he creates his content. Despite efforts to advocate for his release, the entrenched opposition seems unmoved, prioritizing their own interests over justice.

Efforts for his release may face insurmountable obstacles, but it’s crucial to persist in raising awareness. I recognize the potential risks involved, but standing up for individuals like Verydarkman is essential in defending principles of fairness and accountability.

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