Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Kesari breaks his silence on why he refrained from assaulting Portable.

Controversial influencer Kesari Okala has finally spoken out after his altercation with street singer Portable, shedding light on why he chose not to engage in a physical confrontation during their face-to-face clash, which took place at the renowned Computer Village in Lagos and was captured on video, quickly going viral.

Due to their ongoing dispute over the ownership of the name ‘Kesari,’ Portable struck the influencer twice while they exchanged heated words in the video. 

In a subsequent video on his social media, Kesari disclosed that he deliberately refrained from retaliating aggressively against Portable to prevent being labeled as a ‘hooligan.

‘ He expressed, “If I had responded forcefully to the guy, you would have labeled me as a hooligan. Who behaves in such a manner? This is distressing!”

Watch the video below;

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