Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Lady screams in terror as boyfriend exhibits bizarre behavior in car.”

“A woman screams in fear while capturing her boyfriend’s unusual conduct while driving on a busy road. 

She observed him using his mouth to steer the vehicle while it was in motion.”

She became frightened and yelled at him to stop because she feared for their safety. 

He eventually ceased this odd behavior, which was apparently intended to frighten her, and returned to using his hands to steer the car. 

This incident has sparked various reactions from users on social media.

Read comments below:

amaka_paloma said: “Satan just dey look both of una”

bigbaby_jane said: “Person dey craze, unago saynarough play Relationship people sha”

richy_97sz said: “Na this love go take your life my dear 469 princess,continue to risk your life in the handofamadman”

hempeyrorh said: “Person Dey mad you say na rough play”

shugaluv_ said: “Lastborn osim boyfriend”

vickyranky06 said: “Carry life dey play say na mumu love > person when u go wipe cord for neck mtcww”

Watch the video below:

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