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Lady shares how ‘dodo pizza’ surprise won her boyfriend’s heart

A Nigerian lady shared how a small act of kindness—ordering pizza for her boyfriend—resulted in him showering her with affection for days.

The lady, known on Twitter as @olastv1, mentioned that her boyfriend had expressed a desire for pizza.

Since it was too late to order that night, she decided to postpone it until the next day.

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The following day, she surprised him by having a family-sized pizza delivered to him.

He was taken aback by the gesture and continued expressing his gratitude for the next two days.

In her words she said;

My boyfriend said he was craving pizzabut it was already too late to order forone. The next day, I sent him a text andasked him if he wanted pizza and he said YES ‘dodo pizza. I ordered him dodo pizza ‘family size,I paid for it,I also paid for the deliveryand they delivered it to him. He wasshocked,surprised and was so happyand he was like “Mo foh o”, he sentme “thank you baby” for 2 days straightand wouldn’t stop talking about it, hetold his friends Ladies, you don’t have to wait till youcan afford expensive gifts before youappreciate your guy cuz these dudes areso thoughtful and they will appreciateevery little gesture.

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