Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Lady Who Danced with Omah Lay Sets Record Straight Reveals All That Really Happened

Jessani, a woman who went viral on social media after leaving her boyfriend to dance with Nigerian artist Omah Lay at his concert, has issued a public apology.

This was disclosed in a recent video she posted to her TikTok profile.

Jessani (Jess) stated in the video that she has been called out, intimidated, and humiliated by several people since the event occurred.

She reported having a private talk with her partner about the situation, but because it happened in public, she felt compelled to address it publically.

She insisted that the occurrence, which she now regrets, was a genuine error.

Addressing rumours regarding her name, she explained that her name is not Fafa and asked that the public refer to her as Jess.

Furthermore, she stated that she, not her boyfriend, paid the event ticket, contrary to popular belief.

The video contains several other sensitive statements.

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