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Lagos To Demolish Over 100 Shanties At Adeniji Adele, Asks Occupants to Vacate Location

The Lagos State Government has announced plans to clear over 100 shanties located at the Adeniji Adele under bridge starting Monday. This decision was communicated by Tokunbo Wahab, the Lagos Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, through his X account on Sunday.

According to Commissioner Wahab, this enforcement action is set to occur after a 48-hour notice was served to all occupants, urging them to vacate the area with their possessions.

The operation will be carried out with the support of security personnel, involving operatives from the Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI/LAGESC) and officials from the Monitoring Enforcement and Compliance (MEC) department of the ministry.

Wahab emphasized that the initiative is a part of the government’s ongoing effort, led by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to reclaim ungoverned spaces across Lagos and align the city’s appearance with that of a modern, smart city. He pointed out that the shanties not only mar the aesthetic of Lagos Island but also pose significant health and safety risks. They have become hubs for criminal activities and drug trafficking, which threaten the wellbeing of law-abiding citizens.

The commissioner strongly advised the residents of the shanties to move out voluntarily with their belongings to avoid conflicts during the enforcement action. This move is aimed at enhancing the overall safety, cleanliness, and orderliness of the city.



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