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Late makeup artist’s remains laid to rest in Akwa Ibom after exhumation.

The late makeup artist, Abigail Frederick, who tragically lost her life alongside Jnr Pope and four others in a boat accident on Anam River in Anambra State, has finally been laid to rest in Akwa Ibom State.

Originally interred at the riverbank due to her family’s inability to cover the required sacrifices and other expenses, her remains were exhumed on April 14th following the intervention of the Akwa Ibom governor. He pledged to transport her body to her hometown for a proper burial. Subsequently, images and a video capturing the funeral proceedings have emerged online, depicting a significant turnout of mourners and reflecting widespread sympathy for the deceased.

Governor Umo Eno’s compassionate gesture has earned praise and appreciation from the public for ensuring that late Abigail Frederick received a dignified burial.

In related news, movie producer and actress, Adanma Luke, shared insights into the events leading up to the tragedy at Anam River, where Junior Pope and four other crew members lost their lives.

Addressing the public on her Instagram page while shedding tears, Adanma Luke revealed that Junior Pope refused to wear a life jacket because it was dirty. She described Junior Pope’s death as mysterious and recounted events that transpired before his passing. According to her, when the boat crashed, Junior Pope did not immediately sink; instead, he was floating and even inquired about others.

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