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Life Is Boring, We Just Do The Same Thing Over And Over Again – Big Brother Naija Star, Doyin

Doyin Davids, the polarizing Big Brother Naija personality, holds the view that life lacks excitement.

In a Snapchat video released on April 7, she expressed her belief that people repetitively engage in the same activities, resulting in a “boring” life.

Her statement elicited a range of reactions from social media users, with some echoing her sentiment while others criticized her perspective.

Doyin, a reality TV personality, has once again sparked controversy by advising women against dating financially struggling men.

She reiterated her stance on Snapchat just a day after her previous remarks, urging young women to avoid relationships with financially unstable partners.

Doyin argued that such men, upon becoming wealthy, might realize their relationships lack genuine compatibility. She emphasized the toll such situations take on understanding girlfriends.

Doyin advocated for women to choose financially stable partners, stressing the importance of finding someone who will stand by them in both good and tough times.

She shared a story from a fan who thanked her for her advice, reporting improvements in her relationship following Doyin’s guidance.

In her words she added;

“100 years of enjoyment for you. All my teachings are not falling on deaf ears.”
“A man that is comfortable collecting your money every time without giving back to you, especially when he has the means…..is a sissy. You are in a lesbian relationship dear. When he walks by, please spank his ass and buy him lipgloss.
Nobody suffer reach understanding babe for this life o.
He who has ears. let them hear “

Watch the video below;



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