Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“Look at what I found inside the burger I bought from Don Jazzy’s,” Sydney Talker shares in a video.

Skitmaker Sydney Talker recently shared a video on TikTok revealing a surprise cash gift he found inside a burger pack he bought from singer Don Jazzy. 

In the video, Sydney enthusiastically displays a bundle of 500 naira notes, expressing his delight. 

The cash gift was thoughtfully wrapped with a note thanking him for his patronage and encouraging him to enjoy it during challenging times. 

Sydney jokingly mentions being tempted to order more burgers to receive more cash gifts after finding this unexpected surprise.

The comment section was filled with different reactions from netizens.

@ayomi said: “The burger na for people way get money.”

Airbag money reacted: “Why poor man no see am day play.”

ELIJAH OGBEIDE said: “Go still see money inside, this na just advertisement.”

Jerry said: “Na to go register bike with donjazzy bugger…una mind no go touch ground.”

Emmanuel said: “Una dor still come with una mumu lie.”

Ashee said: “Why e be say na u con get the luck all of una dey mad includes Don Jazzy.”

@mustoy said: “You wan turn burger to sporty bet.”

ELIJAH OGBEIDE said: “Rich helping Rich to rip the poor, poor people o go order the burger now thinking say dem.”

Prettyptouch reacted: “Is the write up for me.”

Dahlfavour said: “You be celeb now, na why.”

@saratu said: “I really want to taste this burger but money no dey to travel,God abeg.”

Shoequrah reacted: “Shey na person wey get money go buy burger… dz life no balance sir.”

Akinkunmi Babajide said: “Is it real actually.”

Watch the video below:


We know say things hard this period 🥹

♬ original sound – Jazzysburger
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