Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Man flaunts progress of house in Nigeria after 5 years of hustling in UK (Photos), a young Nigerian man based in the UK, proudly displays the results of his hard work abroad by sharing the construction progress of a splendid bungalow he funded and built at home over five years.

In his video documenting the construction, showcased the entire process, including the building plan and sturdy pillars supporting the roof.

Notably, he chose the popular tall roof design for added durability.

The video has sparked congratulations and motivated others contemplating relocation abroad.

Man’s house progress in Nigeria after 5 years in the UK sparks reactions.

skipper said: “Congratulations but you at least finish the house before posting it.”

Nono Blackbunny said: “Well done it’s not easy.”

AWOBONA said: “Not bad but 5 yrs is worth more than a bungalow.”

uza asked: “A whole 5 years in UK and this is what u came up with?”

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